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Moved four times in seven years is what the concept

Seven years to move house four times what is a concept? this shows I am a proletarian, not very thoroughly, shangwupianwa under any land, no property and no property, the only thing is we worked hard to pay where psoriasis cure. Upstairs downstairs portable shoulder-fired utensils, outbreak potential energy to me.

it was moved to 7/f, upstairs empty-handed were panting, I carry things on dozens of times a day, and catch the hottest in July, and catch up with some of my body not warts pictures. Now looking back, I don't know if I was going to put those small pieces weighing things up, to make room on the last day, my hand boring to mention, had to use baskets, and I take 8 Dan. All right, a few days rest, strength returns to Shanghai moving company phone.

in fact, I do not want to live, 7/f, that's too high, but choose to rent, I have to consider many factors. Watch four or five in the old yard are, after all, also went to see near, only I was in the 7. Although rent is slightly a bit higher than the others, but actually live in or feel is comfortable, this is very important to me. If I choose to rent cheap house, went in feeling annoyed. Money is the point of service, money is a comfortable, so I chose 7. According to their own aesthetics, exceedingly clean, is still pretty good. Indoor sunshine, standing on the window ledge to look to the other side of the mountains, the roof is also useful, if I'm not afraid of hard work, can also be carrying Earth up growing your own vegetables keep some flowers. Living farther, no more mountains to climb, climb the stairs all right, when exercising the leg strength and lung capacity.

live on the top floor there is a benefit, not be disturbed without people passing by, so these days I feel free of the stairs in his house with sandy soils planted some vegetables, seedlings can be eaten. I also intend to use the Loft project, believe when the time comes, I'll choose wisely this 7 floor for himself and was delighted.


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