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Moving car accidents with compassion to remember lessons

Yesterday morning, the car accident happened, Longgang District, buses and moving trucks colliding, 3 people were killed, of which 2 are brothers, they are ready to move into the expectations of the new House for many years, but it's a car accident destroyed not only their dreams, but also their families, such things happen we can only sympathize with epilepsy hospital in Beijing.  

such things cannot be finished as general information only, we also have to remember the lesson, driving is not something can be said to play things, accidentally cost is unimaginable, when moving, drivers need to pay special attention, rather slowly, but also for the sake of safety.  

Although there are many moving companies businesses is not very good, it is easy to create psychological instability and low mood, often have less money, there would be not serious, always thought his trick well, which really need cautious treatment of Condyloma.


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