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After moving house cleaning

1--wipe the soiled leather sofa   with egg white;


  available a clean piece of cloth dipped in egg white wipe stain can be removed, and make leather shiny yongxing moving companies.


 2--using toothpaste to clean the refrigerator case


  shell of refrigerator General dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with a little toothpaste to slowly wipe. If the stains are persistent, you can squeeze some toothpaste and then wipe clean with a cloth again and move every day in Shanghai. Refrigerator will restore clean. Because toothpaste contains abrasives, very strong detergency genital warts.


 3--dip it in milk to clean wood furniture


  take a clean piece of cloth to drink the milk dip it expires, then use the cloth to wipe the table, wooden furniture such as cabinets, decontamination works very well, and then wipe again with clean water. Painted furniture stained with dust, damp gauze-wrapped tea leaves to wipe, or scrubbing with cold tea, more bright and clean bright.


 4--wipe daikon Island


  cut the white radish with cleaner scrubbing the kitchen counter will produce unexpected cleaning effect, you can also use sliced cucumbers and carrots in place, however, white radish and excellent.


 5--alcohol cleaning plush sofa


  plush sofa available fabric brush dipped in a little diluted alcohol sweeping again, then use the hair dryer to blow dry, juice stains on the case, use 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix thoroughly with water, then use the cloth to wipe on, stains would diminish.


 6--Apple oil


  pools and there is often a layer of grease in the kitchen, happened to have just finished Apple cores that are available will be grease cleaned off, it is because the fruit contains pectin, pectin removes grease effect.


 7--carpet with salt soup


    for families with children, and often drops of juice on the carpet, do not use a damp cloth to wipe. Absorb solvent naphtha with clean dry cloth or towel dry, then sprinkle salt stains, salt infiltration of surface absorption, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the salt, and then smooth the carpet with a brush.


 8--ice cubes chewing gum removal


  some children like to eat gum accidentally get on the carpet. Sticking chewing gum on the carpet is not easy to take down, put in a plastic bag in the ice, covered on the gum, about 30 minutes later, the hand pressed up hard, taking on ice, a brush with a brush under the brush.


 9--using cling film


  This is a lazy little trick. Posted on the wall near the stove in the kitchen plastic wrap. Easy attachment due to plastic wrap features plus transparent, invisible to the naked eye, stay fresh-keeping film oily after a few weeks, just gently wrap torn off, again covered with a layer, effortlessly. For weekday busy housewives, it can be a good way to goof off.

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