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Plant relocation to clean common sense

Whether in living rooms or bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen floor, clean bright or not, direct influence on overall feels absolutely at home; after cleaning and maintenance of floors, you can also extend the life of the floor, and to prevent wear of the floor surface under long-term use chance Shanghai moving company prices. If a family with young children, since children often play on the ground, crawling, therefore, it is best to thoroughly cleaning and maintenance.

many people thought about cleaning the floor lamenting fear day could Flash back pain wind can not eat anything. Now market Shang has many for different material floor, as: tiles, and wood quality floor, and plastic floor, and marble, and mill stone floor and carpet, by specifically development of floor carpet clean agent, as long as directly drag to can, without again flush on can let floor new, and clean Hou also will with light of spent fruit, and forest fragrance, and without worried will has sticky greasy not comfortable sense, solution has consumers of troubled. Zeng Yulun, basically as long as the note the following points when cleaning, you can easily clean the floor event early symptoms of warts.

 1. removal foreign body, cleaning dust:

  regardless of the material and the floor, cleaned first before picking up foreign objects such as toys, buttons, paper with broom/vacuum cleaner/dust mops, floor surfaces, furniture, below, to remove the dust, hair, spider webs in the corner, especially to the outside porch and gate, as most of the dirt of dust here is coming from.

 2. General floor cleaning and maintenance:

  according to the flooring material, choose the appropriate floor cleaner before use, in accordance with the degree of dirt, diluted within the appropriate floor cleaner into the bucket and Interior towards the direction of door sweep the floor with a MOP. If you corner or floor where more difficult to clean up, such as, you can directly touch the floor cleaner scrub with old toothbrush difficult to wash obstinately is filthy, you can also pour floor cleaner directly on dish cloth, wipe, then rinse. However, in reminding people, some land on high concentration of surfactant in the detergent, finish last, half wet ground could be more accessible from dust, and more get more dirty, so pay special attention to select the product that has a good reputation.

  If you want the grinding stones or marble floor after a clean, shiny effect with a bare stage, may wish to use a floor cleaner with water wax formula polishes, as long as you can let it air dry after use.

 3. lignin floor clean maintenance:

  prohibited cleans with a damp MOP directly, you should use special cleaner to clean wood flooring, floor remain moist texture and natural colors, and can prevent the wood dried. Note that in order to avoid excessive moisture can penetrate into the wood flooring inside, resulting in mouldy, rotten situation, when using the floor cleaner, you should try to wring MOP. If the surface without polishing treatment, should not touch the water, preferably in an inconspicuous place to try, after determined there is no problem, again big area use.

  If you want to avoid the floor long trampled wear, always shine bright, after the floor is clean, then a layer of the wood floor wax maintenance agent. However, be aware, be sure to completely dry then wax the floor, so as to avoid the wax layer cannot be completely attached to the wooden floor, floor 1.1 blaze occurred. And best use plane sponge MOP, to avoid the General MOP Kam flocculation agent residue on the floor.

 4. carpet cleaning and maintenance:

  carpets even if often with a vacuum cleaner and dust removal, will Stampede for a long time, liquid splashed and wet weather, and easy to hide dirt and lice, at this time, can be used with carpet cleaning agents for cleaning and maintenance. Before use, it is best to open the window to avoid the smell of detergent stuck inside the House. Basically, use carpet cleaner is very convenient, just spray the cleaner on the carpet surface. But don't get too wet, so as not to wet the backing, carpet is difficult to dry and fade. Used to be dirt and carpet surfaces after separation, 1.1 points to emerge out of the carpet of white cotton, then the General vacuum among isolates, no need to rinse. If you would like to start with clean water to clear residual oil be sure to use cold water, hot water will only make the stain to expand, self-defeating.

  furniture for carpet fluff has been flattened, prior to washing, using the edge of the coin slowly, or wet towels folded twice, covered in the press, and then, with slightly hot slow steam-irons flat the hairs, making it up.  

How to eliminate bathroom odors

toilet odors often causes a lot of complaining, would also make customers unhappy. Try following these simple methods, you may be able to reduce the number of these complaints at once!

first, and most important point, to keep the toilet smells pleasant, thorough cleaning is billions of years   the premise. If books are not properly clean and smell old. Here are some tips: 1, always use clean water to MOP the floor. If you wash MOP water is dirty, dirty when you sweep the floor when the water will return to the floor.

1, always use clean water to wash the floor. If you wash the floor water is dirty, dirty when you sweep the floor when the water will return to the floor.

2, make sure that all items have been cleaned up. Housewives usually forgotten under the region including urinals, COMMODE bottom, after toilet wall and vents clean is very important, so that you can ensure that the air is entering the toilet clean.

3, odor control products can have very good results, but if correctly clean the toilets, the effects of odor control products, but if you properly clean the toilets, odor control products would be better.

4, if there are odors, cleared the floor drain and clean it thoroughly, then with half a gallon of water mixed with neutral detergent wash drains.

now you no longer smell in the toilet!

detergent use

(1) clean porcelain spirit

clean porcelain stone spirit is a commonly used decontamination detergent, stone will apply to such clean porcelain surface dirt, acid is weaker than strong spirit clean porcelain, but also have a certain degree of corrosion, use caution when appropriate.

(2) the degreasing agent

is a specialized removal of grease and stain cleaner, diluted with water when used; mainly applies to remove food grease stains and industrial oil, used in kitchens, restaurants, food processing industry, factories, parking lots and other grounds. Recommendations for water 1:1-10 times, PH: 12-13.

maintenance tips for carpet

  rug is the family decoration, the beautified space environment decoration material. Carpet color variety, texture soft, walks comfortably, are widely used. Carpets when used, requires vacuumed once a day, so you can keep your carpet clean. How to clean carpet?

1. daily use brushes and suction. Brush roll not only combs the carpet and paint the adhesion of dust and grime. So cleaning is better than a simple vacuuming.

2. Remove stains in a timely manner. New stains are most easily removed, must be cleared in a timely manner. If the stain dry or deep into carpet, carpet can cause long-term damage.

3. regular interim cleaning. Pedestrians frequent rug, needs beating, regular interim cleaning with dry foam cleaning method to remove sticky dirt.

4. deep cleaning. Once the dust deposited deep in the carpet fibers, you have to take the clean shop clean.

  If there are stains on the carpet, such as coffee, Cola or fruit juices, absorb liquid with a dry cloth, wipe gently with a damp cloth. If the stain is still there, with carpet spray spray stains, and then turn it into powder, in accordance with the ordinary dust will absorb. In addition, steam cleaning machines for carpet cleaning on an annual basis, it will spew hot steam will stain.

  has several categories of dirt out of the carpet, one for dust and other particulate matter, and the other for dirt and grease and other chemical substances. Former regular vacuuming or cleaning solution can be adopted, the latter with a chemical solvent, and professional guidance, if inappropriate, against the proliferation of stains, must exercise extreme caution.

carpet problems that should be noticed in using:

1, new carpets to use there will be slight v in the early, is a normal phenomenon.

2 beware of sharp, carpet surface scratches and cigarette burns.

3, carpet factory-done mostly moth treatment without placing repellents for carpets and human harm.

4, spilled on the carpet stains should be cleaned in time, time will be difficult to remove.

5, on the carpet after a period of time, a large number of bacteria and a bio called ticks and mites to thrive in it, direct harm to human health, should be regularly 2-3 months for thorough cleansing and disinfection.

5, in order to not bring dust into the carpet area, should be installed at the entrance to clean carpet pad.

carpet cleaning:

according to pollution levels can be partial cleaning and General cleaning.

partial cleaning: the main contaminated area or a small stain, there are several methods

1, detergent or water spraying on the carpet, scrub with a towel, and finally dry the excess moisture.

2, with a good lotion into the carpet, with a nozzle and vacuum cleaner to vacuum.

overall cleaning: in order to keep cleaning and carpet appearance, should hire a cleaning service to clean the carpets on a regular basis to ensure that carpets the Evergreen new.

  in addition, the carpet after contact with chemicals, chemical stains or may appear faded, so to avoid carpet contamination commonly used chemicals, such as strong detergents and skin care products, in addition, the carpet too long exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise there will be a faded.

carpet need vacuuming, dust inside accumulate in carpet, can cause fiber abrasion, are grey and the carpet, stairs, lobby, corridor and a frequent place, vacuuming two to three times a week, the bedroom should also vacuum at least once a week.

how leather sofa maintenance

prohibited use of alcohol scrub. Avoid placing in direct sunlight and moisture. When oil or cream, dry with a dry cloth, then use shampoo to scrub, then scrub clean with water. Ball-point pen when, as soon as possible with an eraser, erase. If any grease or dirt, scrub with SOAP and water, then scrub clean with water.

stained with beer, sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), substances such as coffee, scrubbed with SOAP and water, and then wash with water.   Clean the leather with fresh milk will make the leather more luster. White furniture color do?   Furniture once bright and white color, it is ugly. If using tooth powder (or toothpaste) to clean, can be changed. But be warned, when you do not force too much, otherwise can damage the paint film and counterproductive.

How to give the wood floor wax

several rooms were paved in wood floor of my house, used after some time found some black, heard that waxing is a conventional way of maintenance, can you explain the specific operating procedure?

whether new or old crack not waxed waxing the floor, first of all, it should be clean and completely dry start.

(1) at least three times, wax, always use downy fabric or friction of waxing the floor so that the wax into the wood. (2) If you want a shiny effect, every time it is hit lightly in wax with a soft cloth polishing. (3) the selection or polyester amino floor wax, using a clean brush three times. Pay special attention to the floor joints. (4) every time it is hit, stay dry, with very fine sandpaper, wipe, then play again.

flooring should drag every day once. You have to use a broom to clean the floor, ensure the floor clean and free of dust. Then add detergent and warm water wipe. MOP should not be immersed too wet, then rinse again. Then wipe with a brightener, but don't use too much, because if the light is too thick, floor became slippery with fat. In General, floor cleaning once a month would be sufficient.

seven tricks and solve paint problems

paint is an important part of Interior, prone to some tough questions, make a loss. Actually, just to find out the real cause of the problem, the remedy is not difficult to have satisfactory results, paint is easy to produce problems, proposed solutions, and makes you more handy in Interior.

peeling paint

may is due to surface too smooth. Original quality of paint or powder coating is light (with untreated color coating), the new paint will not adhere on the surface on prison. Or possibly wood rot or rust metal, there is peeling because of poor paint quality.

small areas of peeling paint, start with fine sandpaper and PuTTY on a wipe, paint primer, then paint. All large areas of peeling paint must be removed, again brushing.

paint blistering

first of all, foam punctured, if water come out, that is, the infiltration of moisture behind or under the paint layer, scorched by the Sun, the water evaporates into vapor, will paint up into bubbles. At this time, use a hot air gun to remove blistered paint, let the wood dry and paint primer, then paint over the entire patch on the surface again.

If the bubbles in the water, may be cracking the wood grain, with a small amount of air, scorched by the Sun, air expands, paint up. Faced with this situation, first scrape off bubbling paint and resin fillers filled cracks, paint on the back, or no fill, after you scrape off the paint, coat microporous paint directly.


this happens mostly with chemical paint remover or hot air gun will paint out, then painted.

If faults too small when sanding block or wet or dry sandpaper available water, grinding the paint to break on the surface polished after, spread PuTTY, paint primer, and paint again.


paint a brush too thick, which will cause the flow. While paint is not yet dry, with small brush paint brush, and if the paint was dry, you want to stay dry, the paint surfaces sanded smooth with fine sandpaper, brush the surface clean, then wipe clean with a damp cloth, and then external coats of paint, careful not to brush too thick.


paint stains on the surface for many reasons. For example, latex paint water dissolved substances on the walls and rust paint, use steel wool to clean the wall surface will produce rust spots, within the walls of underground pipe leak stains and other. To prevent stains, you can brush a layer of aluminum powder primer, if the stain has occurred, you can remove stains latex paint, brush after the primer layer with aluminium powder, coated all over again.

mildew discoloration

this problem occurs on the surface of wet paint, such as condensation on the glass or metal surfaces often have a dark brown stain. Available fungicides, according to manual instructions handling mouldy parts, after treating the fungus killed, cleaned the surface, and then paint again.

loses luster

because no primer or primer and paint not directly on the paint, resulting in lost gloss varnish is absorbed by the wood. Poor paint quality is also a factor.

use wet or dry sandpaper rub off old paint, brush sanding dust, wipe the surfaces with a clean damp cloth, dry, brush on paint all over again.

pay special attention to is, in an environment of very low temperatures painted, paint film dries, may lose its lustre.

paint wrinkling

usually because the first paint is not dry brush arising out of the second. Lower solvent affects the top layer of paint in the paint to make it wrinkle.

the chemical removal of mercury available agents or heat to remove wrinkled coating, painting again. Remember, be sure to wait for the first time after the paint dried, only on a second time.

painted rough

newly painted surface rough, usually with a paint brush is not clean or by the surrounding environment. Or it could be paint mixed with patent leather, in use prior to settling and filtering, or stained with dust when the paint is dry.

to prevent these problems, you must use a clean paint brush and paint bucket. Old paint before use, be sure to use a paint filter filter paper or a clean nylon stockings. In addition, the painted surfaces when paint is dry use covers or cardboard hidden to prevent stained with dirt.

If coarse finish, waiting for them to dry, after the smooth, wipe with wet or dry sandpaper, brush again with paint. Pay special attention to paint must be clean.

lacquered wood surfaces and dark spots

wood Festival in front of a painting might not be sealed, after Sun drying, wood heating, resin exudation resulting from wood Festival. Used a scraper to paint, then with fine sandpaper to reveal after the wood, paint will seal the wood section until dry, then paint.

paint does not dry

poor ventilation or temperature is too low, the paint will dry more slowly. It is possible to open all doors and Windows to promote ventilation, or put a heater in the room to increase the room temperature.

if they still cannot solve the problem, it may be coated surface greasy. Use chemical paint remover or heat to remove paint, wipe the surface completely, and then paint again.

paint stick insects

the bug picked off before the paint is dry, then gently with a brush dipped a little oil patch surface. If the paint has begun to dry, while it will be film hardens completely, then wipe off the bugs, do not have a mess.

natural stone maintenance?

beautiful patterns and colors with natural stone, over other industrialized products more unique charm, it provides designers with a broad space designs at the same time, while pursuing the natural, green fashion, decorated in more and more people are using natural stone. Stone surfaces

good blocks decorative natural stone depends on the quality and processing. High quality stone surface pattern does not contain too much color noise, color uniformity, no short thick cases, after processing, the quality stones will be a lot of unable to cover Milton "defect", so to speak, stone pattern on the surface color is an important index for evaluating quality of stone. Such as processing technologies and processes do not cross the border, processing products will occur after warping, dents, spots, stains, chipping away corners, cracks, color, lines, hollow phenomenon, not top grade "with the wood". According to specialized processing and sales of imported stone, General Manager of Beijing Yue Zhang Wenjia MS, high quality natural stone plates cutting edges neat and perfect corners, smooth surface, high brightness, touch without sense. Also, when you select the stone, in addition to select the color of the stone surface patterns, gloss and appearance quality decorative properties, stone material should also be considered of compressive strength, bending strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance, hardness and other physical and chemical properties. Large area using light best

stone has a decorative function, but also in the process of taking into account in harmony with the surrounding environment, particularly when a variety of color combinations. General situation Xia, living room, big area "public space" ground best with white, and beige, shallow tones products, because, light and variety of furniture are can achieved perfect combination, to fickle of you more show personality of stage; dark will makes around of environment is crisp, but big area of using or match improper is will produced suppressed sense, like some small area of table, dotted sex of decorative best used dark products, such both can up to dotting of role, and not makes people produced Ethereal of feel. Care before use symptoms and treatment

because stones naturally occurring micro-holes, pores smaller, the stronger the adsorption on the surface of the capillary action, stone is that many diseases "through the hole and into". As a stone paving the ground material sewage suction Nurgle, causing lesions of "pollution" generally has two: one from the stone surface, when such as coffee, tea, ink coloured liquid and fine dust, bio-corrosion of its body is difficult to clean up after. Since stone need maintenance maintenance, some processing enterprise and consumers will in stone of surface Shang waxing be protection, but Dang wax cover in stone surface Hou, stone surface of pores on will was blocking, two times maintenance Shi, has exists stone surface of wax on will became protection into stone internal of obstacles, then, stone and ground between of cement or stick received agent on will because wet or chemical reactions slowly "invaded" stone of body, caused stone returned alkali and color spot, lesions. This "show" not only no cure stone disease, can also make symptoms worse, which also produced the stone material pathological change of another "pollution." Stone beauty (conservation) is a new industry in nearly two years, usually through the use of professional role achieve the conservation of stone conservation agent. Conservation of the infiltration of agents with high, can penetrate the stone finishes of 3 to 5 cm, forming crystals clogging tiny holes, play a protective role. According to Zhang introduced, plant care is the inevitable trend in the development of China's stone industry, some of the larger firms like kaiyue after the stone has a set of protective measures, compared to after the construction and installation of stone conservation, stone before use, from factory assembly-line cannot be processed stone after stone can be installed surface protection treatment significantly better than paving and maintenance. Recently, the State building materials test center of stone 4 stone, one of the Beijing Yue launched "buy stone, sent to conservation, care" activities. During the event, Kai Rong Quan Yue yuquan road building materials stores or Evergreen double tree stores the company any one marble, granite products, customers can receive a free bottle of stone curing agent, purchased more than 50 square meters, customers can enjoy the stone foundations of nursing time provided by the company.  


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