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Moving damage-related 項

(a)   home appliances in general look bad, Commissioners from the company repair, badly damaged when unserviceable, label, year claims Herpes pictures.  

(b)   furniture damaged parts, and consumer discussion on talk, to the satisfaction of both parties thought that the basic principles.  

(c) the   mirror, glass and other breakable if damaged, Commissioner from the company for repair or to CDIC psoriasis pictures. (Antiques, jewelry, works of art, not for production insurance is not in this case)  

(d)   computer hardware parts when handling damage, depreciation compensation will depend on the brand of the year, should do before handling computer software information, software makes no information damage to the company.  

(e)   senior valuables should be valued on both sides to negotiate an agreement, up to the consumer to keep and transport after the inventory on the spot sign, after no longer claims genital warts symptoms.  

(vi)   any damage, why the compensation amount to be mutually agreed principles, highest single item then why limit to 10,000 yuan.  

(VII)   for consumer goods caused by the process of handling damage, loss or other damage caused by persons, shall be liable for compensation. But due to force majeure, or nature of the load, caused by the customer or its employees of negligence, this does not apply.  

(VIII)   preceding paragraph, consumers should be informed in the handling finished 3rd the company; such as handling items have damage or loss is not easy to find, in handling finished 10th, will inform the company.  

(IX)   submitted by consumers, the company shipped items if any cash, securities, jewelry, precious metals, fine art, antiques and other valuables, among consumers in burgeoning operation times out its nature and value, but for the damage to or loss of the company, is irresponsible. But the company has intentionally or by negligence, this does not apply. Consumer Council, a burgeoning moving articles should be no contraband and dangerous goods.  


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